Wisdom Teeth Removal

Surgical intervention is often necessary when a wisdom tooth does not erupt fully, or breaks within the gum prior to eruption. The solution is to extract the tooth through surgery. The dentist will make a cut in order to expose the hidden tooth. If the tooth were intact, it would be extracted as a whole. If a whole extraction is not possible, the dentist will use a drill to break up the tooth into tiny pieces for easier extraction.

Extraction of wisdom tooth can help relieve pain associated with partially erupted tooth, or tooth affected within the gum. If an affected wisdom tooth is unattended, there is an increased risk of infection, and greater chances for a misalignment of the teeth. It is best to remove any bad wisdom tooth as early as possible. The early removal is possible through early detection with regular dental checkups. Your dentist will examine your wisdom teeth for proper growth starting from your mid teenage years.