Mouth Guards

A mouth guard is a device used in the mouth as a protective shield over the teeth and gums, in order to minimize or eliminate injury to the gums, lips, teeth, and arches. Mouth guards also go by many other names such as gum guard, night guard, mouth protector etc. depending on the application.

Find below some of the applications of mouth guards.

Sports Guard

A sports guard is beneficial for anyone involved in any type of contact sports – lacrosse, basketball, rugby, boxing, etc. It protects the teeth and custom-designed to be portable, comfortable and cushioning.

Night Guard

This type of mouth guard helps protect the teeth and gums from the action of grinding and clenching, which usually occurs at night for some people. You can buy standard night guards straight off the shelf, but some people find these to have a poor fit. In this case, you can have your dentist design a custom night guard that would fit comfortably on you.

Night guards are also useful in the prevention of the crown wear, which results from excessive teeth grinding. They help relieve TMJ-related pains of the jaw joints, and prevent misalignment of the teeth in orthodontic patients. You will also save money on expensive dental procedures by taking care good care of your dental health.

Snore Guard

A snore guard like the name implies, helps prevent snoring during sleep. Snoring occurs during sleep when there is a vibration of the tender tissues at the back of the throat, because of the relaxed jaw that partially closes up the airway. Snore guards help push the lower law a little forward, opening up the airway more for better air circulation and breathing, thus reducing snoring.