Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene encompasses everything that has to do with the promotion of healthy gums, mouth, and teeth. It is comprised of both daily home care procedures, and scheduled dental visits. Both are very important and they complement each other. Maintain your daily home flossing and brushing, in addition to regular dental checkups.

Oral Hygiene Procedure

Because no amount of teeth brushing or flossing at home will keep away the buildup of plaque, the recommendation by the A.D.A. (American Dental Association) is that for proper management of good oral hygiene, everyone must go for a dental hygiene check-up at least twice yearly. Bacterial infection is a major cause of several dental ailments, and plaque will definitely accumulate with time on the teeth and get below the gum line, where the risk of bacterial infection is high.

A dental hygienist is a specialist who has the right experience, training, and qualification to treat all manner of plaque buildup on the teeth. The dental hygienist uses a special tool to scrape off the plaque and all tartar that might be present on the teeth. He may also use X-rays to check if the patient has a good bite.

After scraping and cleaning the teeth, more examinations could be done on the gum and teeth for any sign of decay or other dental diseases.