Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride occurs naturally in the teeth. It ensures good dental health by protecting the teeth against decay. It also makes the teeth strong and stable. You can get fluoride from some food sources like meat, tea, fish, water, and eggs. You should floss and use fluoride toothpastes in brushing the teeth two times every day. Brushing the teeth at bedtime is important so that you can have some fluoride on the teeth all through the night. This helps prevent tooth decay.

Several dental procedures require the use of fluoride. Fluoride is safe as long as you use it according to your dentist’s instructions. Before any fluoride treatment, your dentist will have to scrape out all the stains on the teeth.

Fluoride Treatment Procedure

Children and adults both get large amounts of fluoride during treatment. The dentist will first dry the teeth, and then smear it with fluoride gel, foam, or varnish. The patient must not drink or eat anything for about 30 minutes after a fluoride treatment.