Children`s Dentistry

Our goal is to provide children with proper dental health information that will guide them in developing good dental practices, which will benefit them even into their adult years. This is the reason we have designed and equipped our office to be kid-friendly with the type of entertainment children love. The children under our care really look forward to subsequent visits.

Research has shown that if a child is introduced to good dental practices as early as the age of three, the child will grow into his/her teenage and adult years with good dental health and reduced anxiety over dental checkups. Another important advantage of getting a child acquainted with dental appointments early in life is that some dental abnormalities are best treated at this stage as a child’s bone structure is still developing and easier to manipulate.

Prior to the initial dental visit, the following tips can help your child understand what to expect:

  • Research and use several learning tools (books, magazines, internet, etc.) to teach your child about the duties of a dentist.
  • Use our online office tour to get your child familiar with our office layout.
  • Use your own positive dental experiences to dispel dental fears.

During the child’s initial visit, the dentist will:

  • Check the level of fluoride the child needs.
  • Check the health condition of the child’s mouth, teeth, and gums.
  • Investigate and advise against any negative dental habits such as thumb sucking.
  • Demonstrate to the child the correct method of cleaning the teeth and gums.
  • Formulate a routine for the child’s regular dental appointments.